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Screening Guidelines

Property: 3656 Pullman Drive

If you meet the following screening guidelines and would like to personally view the property email the Broker at     whypay6@comcast.net      to obtain a FREE PEAD-V form for Esignature (required due to COVID19).      NO PEAD-V form Esigned   =   NO viewing (COVID19).

A.   We highly recommend that before applying for any rental property you should consider:

1. Obtaining a Free Credit Report from annualcreditreport.com (if you desire your TransUnion® credit score the approximate cost is $10); 

2. Contacting any Insurance Company for estimates on a $300,000 personal liability Renter’s Insurance Policy (approximate cost is $21 per month, the same company that issues your car insurance may have discount rates);    

3. Contacting your rental reference(s) for the past 3 years  to ensure you have the current phone number, BROKER 's Name, office address, email address and advise your prior Managers that your new property Manager will be calling to verify your rental history;

If applying with others you should all get together and ensure that all Applicants qualify and all Applicants have supporting documentation as credit report fees paid to RentSpree® are NOT refundable;

B.   In Brief here are the steps to move into the rental property:       

1. Each Applicant must personally view the Interior of the property, then Complete and turn in the Rental Application (Applications submitted by parties who have not personally inspected the interior of the property will be rejected);  

After we email you, pay for & complete the online Credit Check request from RentSpree®;  

Get approved to rent;  

4. If not immediately moving in then sign the 21 day maximum Hold Off Market Agreement and deliver the fee;

Sign the Rental Agreement, complete our Videotaped Inspection, provide proof of Renter's Insurance,  & Move In.    


C.   Qualifications to rent (cosigner info below):       


1. You must have Legal & Verifiable monthly income of at least 3 times ($ 5,850 or $ 70,200 /year) the monthly rent over the past 6 months bank statements (Applicant shall be responsible for verifying identity with a bank employee over the phone when requested by the BROKER and authorizing release of verification request or meeting BROKER at a bank branch location of BROKER 's choice to verify the bank statements are an actual copy of funds activity).     Multiple Applicant's income will be combined.            We accept other forms of income supported by Detailed Documentation from paying government agencies and/or Court Awards substantiated with 6 months bank statements as evidence of consistent and ongoing income.    We will also consider your application if you have 12 times the monthly rent  ($ 23,400 )  in a savings or checking account for the past 12 months (seasoned funds) bank statements or Escrow HUD-1 documents or Court Settlement documents in only the Applicant's name and under the sole and only control (unrestricted access) of Applicant PLUS income of 2.5 times the monthly rent;   

Every applicant must have at Least 1 current line of established credit (open for 2+ years) & all applicants must have a combined average TransUnion® Credit Score of 695+.        The sum of all applicants TransUnion® Credit Scores will be divided by number of applicants to obtain the Average Qualifying Credit Score (example: 3 applicants have credit scores of 600+695+750 then the total score of 2,045 is divided by 3 to equal the average qualifying credit score of 682, which would be APPROVED if the minimum qualifying average credit score is 680+).    

Favorable rental reference(s) covering the last (immediate prior/unbroken) 3 years(renting from family members is not considered) or home ownership (you were on title to a property verifiable thru Public Tax Roles and your credit report).  The Applicant is solely responsible for ensuring that the contact information for references is current and accurate.      If we can't verify your references, your credit report conflicts with your provided addresses or you have gap of time in your rental history we reserve the right to decline/reject your application;      

4. After application approval, Proof of Renters Insurance ($300,000 Liability Limit with all pets breeds covered) must be provided before occupancy with the BROKER & Owner added as additional insureds with a Notice of Cancellation provision (approx. cost $21 per month);  


5. Availability and terms are subject to change without notice.

All rental properties are NO Smoking units.    NO Smoking is allowed inside the units or garage.   You will be required to certify on your Move-In videotaped inspection that the unit upon occupancy has absolutely NO Smoke Odor. 

D.   Situations that will cause an Automatic Denial of an application to rent (cosigner info below):    

1. Legal and Verifiable monthly income less than 3 times ($ 5,850 or $ 70,200 / year) the monthly rent;     

2. Applicant's failure to complete/pay for RentSpree® credit report (approx. $39) no later than 4 business days after the date signed below;             

3. Any unpaid collections, unpaid liens or unpaid judgments showing on your credit report due current/previous landlords;

4. An open bankruptcy or discharged bankruptcy within the past year;

5. Unverifiable Legal Income;  

6. If one applicant is denied then all other applicants submitting applications together at the same time will also be denied.  We will NOT disclose which applicant was denied to other applicants due to privacy concerns, it will be up to that denied applicant to inform the other applicants the reason for the denial.      We will advise all applicants if the reason for the denial was a low COMBINED TransUnion® Credit Score. 

7. Lack of Verifiable Rental History or negative history for the LAST (immediate prior/unbroken) 3 years;    

8. An unlawful detainer action (lawsuit to evict you from a residence) within the past 7 years;     

9. An average Combined TransUnion® Credit Score under 695;     


10. Any False statements on the Application;     

11. Any Unsigned Application;

12. If an applicant’s government identification is not legible or can't be verified, it shall be grounds for a denial;

13. Any Incomplete Application;

14. Any abusive language or harassing or combative behavior toward the BROKER during the processing of your application;   


15. Refusal, for any reason, to participate in a Videotaped Move-In inspection.

E.   Number of persons allowed per home or occupancy standard:   The maximum number of persons allowed per home is 2 persons per bedroom plus 1 extra person (HUD occupancy standards).         For example, a 3 bedroom home would allow 7 persons, while a 4 bedroom home would allow 9 persons.     Remember all persons over the age of 18 MUST complete and submit a Rental Application.

F.   Cosigners (Guarantors) are allowed on some properties:           Cosigners must complete the same application that you completed and submit the same credit check fee and meet the same qualifications above (a notary may be required).   Cosigners must also be on Legal Title in their name to the home they reside in within the State of California as supported by credit & title information verification (cosigners can NOT be co-tenants).   If Cosigner can't sign in person Cosigner MUST sign the Agreement before a Notary assigned by BROKER at Cosigner's expense.  If Cosigner lives outside of the Sacramento County limits then Cosigner hereby agrees that the Rental Agreement shall be deemed to have been executed and to be performed within the State of California and shall be construed and governed by the internal laws of the State of California.  Any legal proceedings arising out of or relating to the Rental Agreement shall be brought exclusively in Sacramento County, California (location of rental home).   Only 1 Cosigner will be allowed (if there are 3 Applicants the Cosigner must take FULL responsible for all Applicant's actions/rent due/damages until ALL Applicants have vacated the property and delivered possession to the BROKER.   Only certain properties allow Cosigners as determined by the individual Owners.  

Cosigners can
NOT be used if an Applicant has:  

1. Any unpaid collections, unpaid liens or unpaid judgments showing on your credit report due landlords;

2. An open bankruptcy or discharged bankruptcy within the past year;   

3. Unverifiable Income;    

4. Negative Rental History;     

5. An Eviction within the past 7 years;       

6. Any False statements on the Application;   

7. Income less than 2.5 times ( $ 4,875 or $ 58,500  /year ) the monthly rent. 

8. An average TransUnion® Credit score under 645 .        


G.   After completing the Rental Application:        Call the BROKER and schedule an appointment.     Only one Complete Application (Complete = All questions properly replied to and All required Supporting Documentation delivered to the BROKER) at a time is processed on available housing in the order received.         If another Complete Applicant is being processed you can submit your application.          Once your application is next in line to be processed we will contact (email, text, phone) you and advise that you have 24 hours to call the BROKER to schedule an appointment to sign an addendum to proceed with processing your application.         Failure to sign the addendum within 2 business daysof the BROKER’s contact will cause your application to be denied.              

When you arrive at your scheduled time please bring the following items with you:   

1. Separate Rental Application from each Applicant (Applicant must be at least 18 years of age and all occupants 18+ years must complete a Rental Application).   Applications not fully completed will not be processed.    If any line is not applicable you must write “N/A” in the space;

2. Color Photo Copy of your Valid (not expired) legible Government Issued Photo Identification (Driver’s License, Passport, State I.D. Card), Social Security Card and showing the BROKER your Original ID (required to solely confirm your identity to protect against Identity Theft);

3. BROKER completes the RentSpree® (Part of TransUnion®) info and RentSpree® emails a screening request to the applicant.           Applicant authorizes screening by providing personal info online and Applicant pays fees online for Applicant screening.     Applicant shall be responsible for paying any and all extra fees demanded by employers or current and prior landlords to complete the employment and rental history verifications.

4. Proof of Income via your most current Pay Stub, copy of last year's W2 and past 6 months of Bank Statements.      If Self-Employed we require a copy of your last year’s income tax return (Form 1040 & Schedule C, 12 months of ALL business related Bank Statements and complete an Addendum SE) based on net income.  Unemployed Applicants must also provide proof of a source of legal income (Pension, Social Security, Stock Dividends, Rental Property, Capital Gains, Disability).       Most recent original payroll stub (not a copy), if employed. A letter from the Government Agency providing income, if any.        Copies of Court Orders (Child Support, Alimony) establishing payment AND bank statements to verify payments are being made. 

H.   After your application is approved and prior to occupancy:

1. Once your application is approved we will call/email the Applicant and advise you that you have 24 hours to call the BROKER to schedule an appointment for the delivery of the Holding Deposit (in the form of a Money Order or Cashier’s Check, recommend US Postal Service, payable to North American-REALTORS®) to take the premises off the rental market as reserved for the Applicant, thus other potential applicants will be turned away.      The Holding Deposit will be applied to your 1st month’s rent upon the signing of the rental/lease agreement.  The Holding Deposit shall be equal to the actual rent of the unit divided by 30, then multiplied by 21.      Failure to deliver the Holding Deposit within 2 business days of the BROKER’s phone call or email will cause your application to be denied.      Upon receipt of the Holding Deposit the unit will be held off market for no more than 3 weeks (21 calendar days) from the date the application was approved.     If Applicant(s) decides not to rent the unit or if all Applicants (and Cosigner, if any) no later than 21 calendar days of notice of Applicant’s acceptance fail to sign the rental agreement and provide the applicable Security Deposit and Rent then 100% of the Holding Deposit will be forfeited as it is NON-REFUNDABLE due to the costs associated with additional advertising to rent, lost rent and BROKER expenses.

2. All Applicants and Co-Signer must sign the rental agreement.   After all Applicants and/or Co-Signer signs the agreement all parties agree it is NOT binding until after the BROKER countersigns which will NOT occur until after Applicants deliver to BROKER the Security Deposit, 1st Month's Rent, Proof of Renter's Insurance and complete the Videotaped Move-In Inspection (items 3, 4, 5 and 6 below);

3. Applicant must provide the applicable Security Deposit in the form of a US Postal Service Money Orders.      No personal checks or cash are allowed;

4. Provide the 1st Month’s Rent in the form of a US Postal Service Money Order.    No personal checks or cash are allowed.      If applicable the 2nd month’s rent is prorated. The original lease term is for 1 year, afterward the lease is on a month to month basis;

5. Provide Proof of Renters Insurance with a minimum of $300,000 personal liability (approximate cost $21 per month).     A valid Renter's Insurance policy must be maintained during the ENTIRE rental period with the BROKER and Owner's listed as co-insured's with a Notice of Cancellation provision with mailing address of PO Box 277814, Sacramento, CA 95827.     BROKER may, upon written notice to Applicants or Co-Signer, require additional documentation to clarify or support the Applicant's statements (for example: Proof of Income, etc.) on the Application which shall provide the Applicant's 5 business days or until the end of the 21 Day Hold Off Market (whichever is greater) to complete and deliver to BROKER;  

6. Meet the BROKER and complete your Videotaped Move-in Inspection, afterward the Applicant will be granted possession of the premises and shall be thereafter known as Tenant(s).

7. If, for any reason, Applicants fail to complete ALL of the items 1 thru 6 above within the 21 day Hold Off Market agreement time frame the BROKER may DENY the Applicants for failure to perform and proceed forward with the next Applicant.      Applicants will then lose the Hold Off Market fee due to their own failure to perform.

I.     Additional Items:

1. Pets require a separate pet application with separate criteria.     Dog Breed Restrictions: The following is a list of dog breeds (pure or mixed) that are NOT accepted:        Pit Bull;       Rottweiler; German Shephard;     Husky; Malamute;    Wolf-Dog Hybrid;      Akita;           Chow-Chow; Doberman-Pinscher;      Great Dane;  St. Bernard;     Presa Canario;        Staffordshire Bull Terrier;                   Bull Terrier.          Lists of restricted or "dangerous" dogs also include animals that are mixed with any of the aforementioned breeds.

2. Applications will NOT be pre-screened;

3. We will first Check to see if an Applicant qualifies based on our standard criteria (i.e., credit, housing history) before judging the applicant's criminal history.       Applicants may be rejected for the following Felony convictions: Fraud, Burglary, Theft, Assault, Sex Offenses, Arson, a Violent Crime, Drug Manufacture and Dealing or for other convictions of illegal activity.  Our policy or practice of making housing decisions based on Misdemeanor & Felony criminal history considers the nature, severity, and recency of criminal conduct and actually assists in protecting resident safety and/or property;

4. All applications submitted become property of NORTH AMERICAN-REALTORS®;

5. NORTH AMERICAN-REALTORS® cannot guaranty any unit you have seen to be available by the time your application is processed.     We cannot be held responsible for any unit that is rented after you have seen it and hand in an application as  ALL rentals are on first approved basis;

6. Applicant further understands and agrees that NORTH AMERCIAN-REALTORS® will rely upon this Rental Application as inducement for entering into a binding rental agreement or lease and Applicant warrants that all the facts contained in this Application are true.      If any facts prove to be untrue, NORTH AMERICAN-REALTORS® may terminate my tenancy immediately and collect from me any damages incurred including reasonable attorney's fees, administration fees, and collection fees resulting therefrom;

7. Home Staging items including all window coverings (except window blinds) will be removed from the property prior to Tenant's occupancy.    Some drapes may be purchased from the designer.

8. Tenants shall provide their own Refrigerator, Washer and Dryer.         Tenants pay for Electric, Gas (if any) and Water meter as Owner pays standard weekly Garbage Can collection and Sewer Utilities.     Tenant shall maintain front and back yards and keep all rock areas Weed FREE.  

9. An investigative consumer report will be made by RentSpree® LLC via TransUnion® (P.O. Box 2000 Chester, PA 19016-2000) regarding your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living.  

10.               NORTH AMERICAN-REALTORS® welcomes all applicants and supports State and Federal fair housing.               We will not refuse to lease or rent any housing accommodations or property nor in any other way discriminate against a person because of sex, race, religion, familial status, physical or mental handicap, color, nation origin or any other protected class of people.  

11.               This is an application to rent only and does NOT guarantee that applicant will be offered the Premises.  

12.               As required by law, You are herein notified that a negative credit report reflecting on your credit history may be submitted in the future to a credit reporting agency if you fail to fulfill the terms of your credit obligations, rental obligations or if you default in those obligations in any way.

J.    Processing Time:          Although we try to complete the processing of your application within 1 to 2 business days this can be delayed by current and previous landlords as well as employers inability to respond to our requests for verification of your rental/employment history.         We know you are anxious and desire to move in immediately, however your patience is necessary and appreciated.

L. Miscellaneous Disclosures

Agency Disclosure:      

NORTH AMERICAN-REALTORS® is the exclusive agent of the Owner and shall represent the Owner’s best interest in all dealings relating to the Owner’s property and any other party including tenant.

Database Disclosure Notice:      

The California Department of Justice, sheriff's departments, police departments serving jurisdictions of 200,000 or more and many other local law enforcement authorities maintain for public access a data base of the locations of persons required to register pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Section 290.4 of the Penal Code.     The data base is updated on a quarterly basis and a source of information about the presence of these individuals in any neighborhood.      The Department of Justice also maintains a Sex Offender Identification Line through which inquiries about individuals may be made. This is a "900" telephone service.    Callers must have specific information about individuals they are checking. Information regarding neighborhoods is not available through the "900" telephone service.    Notice: Pursuant to Section 290.46 of the Penal Code, information about specified registered sex offenders is made available to the public via an Internet Web site maintained by the Department of Justice at www.meganslaw.ca.gov.      Depending on an offender's criminal history, this information will include either the address at which the offender resides or the community of residence and ZIP Code in which he or she resides.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure:

Housing built before 1978 may contain lead-based paint.     Lead from paint, paint chips, and dust can pose health hazards if not managed properly.         Lead exposure is especially harmful to young children and pregnant women.        Before renting pre-1978 housing, lessors must disclose the presence of lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards in the dwelling.      Lessees must also receive a federally approved pamphlet on lead poisoning prevention.

Rent will only be accepted from one of the named Co-Tenants on the lease.   It shall be the responsibility of that one Co-Tenant to obtain the other roommates portion of rent.    We do not accept rental payments from 3rd parties (Non-Tenants such as: Mom, Dad, Friend, Etc.).        Some Banks, such as The Golden 1 Credit Union, will make recurring monthly bill payments (rent) directly from your account and mail the check to our office for you ensuring your rent is never late.

If you are Self-Employed you must show the Manager your IRS transcript while logged into your FREE IRS get Transcript account which you can create at:    https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript

Tenant pays Water & Electric & Yard Care

Owner pays Garbage & Sewer

Rent $ 1950

Security Deposit $ 3,000


RentSpree® will directly provide all Applicants with a copy of ALL submitted reports.




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