(vs. the 6%* fee at a $500,000 price)

Full Service

Listing Pro for 1%*

These Sellers Saved Thousands of Dollars vs. the 6%* fee, you can save too!

We provide an Innovative Premier Real Estate Brokerage for a low cost 1%Full Service Listing fee.         If you Opt-Out of the MLS or if you Opt-In to the MLS and either you or the Listing Broker finds the Buyer (the Buyer is not represented by another Selling Broker) below are your approximate  savings of 83%** vs a 6%* fee while receiving our Full Service and Expert Advice...

 There are NO upfront fees or costs!   You only pay after your sale closes escrow.      All consumers receive our Full Service whether they decide to Opt-Out or Opt-In to the MLS as it is not mandatory to enter your home into the MLS in order to receive Full Service.   We encourage expanding Consumer's Choice in the real estate services marketplace.

It's easy to exclude your home from entry into the MLS by simply checking a box on the listing agreement and signing an MLS exclusion form afterward you have no obligation to cooperate via sharing commissions to a Selling Broker (2%* to 2.25%*).     During our listing appointment we will provide you with a Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Agency Relationship then explain to you about all the advantages and benefits of Opting In to the MLS, then the final decision to Opt-Out is solely your's to make as every Seller knows what is in their best interest (like saving thousands of dollars).

This Seller Saved Thousands of Dollars vs. the 6%* fee, you can save too!


Our 1%* Full Service Listing pros also offer consumers the choice to Opt-In to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and pay an MLS Selling Broker's additional commission cost of 2%* to 2.25%* fee.

If you decide to Opt-In to the MLS and you or we find the Buyer without an MLS Selling Broker involved you still only pay a total of 1%* for Full Service with Expert Advise  (you save the MLS Selling Broker's additional commission cost of 2%* to 2.25%* fee).    To properly report your potential savings to the MLS we simply enter your home into the MLS as a Dual or Variable Rate Commission Arrangement.

Below are your approximate savings of 45%** if an MLS Selling Broker finds the Buyer given a 1%* Listing fee plus an additional MLS Selling Broker's commission of 2%* to 2.25%* fee   (as the Seller you have the choice to offer whatever commission you desire when Opting In to the MLS for additional savings. 3.25%* figure below = 1%* + 2.25%*).

For 25+ Years, the Listing Broker has been specializing in saving each homeowner thousands of dollars in commissions while providing a Premier Low-Cost Full Service Real Estate brokerage giving Consumer's a real Choice to save money as there is no such thing as a Standard Real Estate Commission.    

Based on a $500,000 sales price at a 6%* listing fee Sellers pay $30,000 in commissions for a possible sale in 0 to 30 days via Sacramento Housing Statistics.    Some Sellers know homes are selling fast and that is why they desire to use our 1%* Full Service option. 


There is no Standard Real Estate Commission Rate as the amount or rate of real estate commission is not fixed by law.         Real estate companies are free to negotiate as HIGH a commission rate with a consumer which they feel they are worth such as 1%*, 5%*, 6%*, 8%*, 12%*, etc., and the consumer is free to pay as LOW a commission as they desire as we encourage competition among real estate brokers.     

Some of our Sellers take the thousands of dollars in commission savings on their home and typically pay-off debt like car loans, put it towards their kids college tuition or increase the down payment on their next home purchase.    


Our business model is simple, we have to do a great job and ensure our customers are 100% satisfied at close of escrow to earn the Seller's referral business to their friends, co-workers and family members.        





As a 1%* Full Service listing pro the Listing Broker will for all consumers (MLS or Non-MLS) provide the following services:      
  1. provide a Net Sheet estimating your cash proceeds at close of escrow and how much money you will save versus a 6%* commission;   
  2. provide you with 30 Year Fixed interest rate information;
  3. provide and assist you in understanding a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) including days on market, list price, sale price, square footage, bedrooms, baths, lot size and year built with color photos so you can set your price based upon current sales;
  4. answer any questions you might have regarding the selling process;
  5. have you complete a list of upgrades you or prior owners completed on the property;
  6. inform you of all the wonderful and amazing benefits as well as inform you of the additional cost figures of entering or Opting-In to the MLS;
  7. inform you of how much money you will save in commission costs if you decide to Opt-Out of the MLS;
  8. meet with you at your residence to list your home (Opt-Out 1%* or Opt-In to the MLS paying a Selling Broker's additional commission cost of 2%* to 2.25%* fee thru the MLS for a total cost of 3.25%*);
  9. provide recommendations on home staging tips for Sellers
  10. order a Wood Destroying Pests and Organisms Inspection Report and go over any findings with you;
  11. obtain from you Homeowner Association (HOA) contact information and dues information;
  12. obtain from you any copies of Leased Equipment such as a security system and solar panels (copies of any Special Tax Liens for Solar or other home improvements);
  13. provide full color digital photography to highlight the best elements of your home;    
  14. provide you with a comprehensive marketing strategy custom tailored to your property and desire to sell (you decide on the final list price);
  15. provide and install a highly visible professionally designed yard sign with website for additional info;   
  16. provide worldwide internet marketing (from a Buyer's smart phone while sitting in front of your home a Buyer can view vital details and multiple color photos);     
  17. provide custom designed printable color flyer;
  18. assist in documenting the hours you do not want the home shown as every Seller has some private time with family and friends;
  19. open escrow so the escrow officer can commence the process of documenting your existing lender info for payoff requests, acceptability of providing title insurance, obtaining Homeowner's Association disclosures, ordering Preliminary Title Report and CC&R's;
  20. assist in showings and an open house;  
  21. provide emailed daily updates on any saved search comparable home activity within 1 mile of your home to ensure your property stays competitive with other Seller's homes in your area;  
  22. promptly complete your requested changes to marketing information, price or terms; 
  23. deliver to you all offers and counter-offers objectively and as quickly as possible;
  24. ensure all Buyer communications and negotiations go thru us;      
  25. represent only your best interest as our company never allows dual agency, while treating all parties honestly
  26. never disclose the existence of any offers (requires Seller's written instructions to same).      
  27. assist in the review, explanation of specific terms or merits, formation and negotiation of written offers, addendums and counter offers (as master negotiators we can answer any questions you might have regarding any offer received and help in ensuring the Buyer is Pre-Approved);   
  28. provide escrow with a copy of the fully executed California Residential Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions RPA-CA;
  29. obtain an Estimated Closing Statement or HUD-1 Settlement Statement from the escrow officer;
  30. confirm the Buyer's deposit is sent to escrow;
  31. keep track of all Real Estate Contract Contingency Deadlines;  
  32. provide all required California Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statements
  33. perform a Diligent Visual Inspection of your home;     
  34. coordinate the Buyer's Home Inspection and Appraisal Inspection;
  35. coordinate lender or appraiser required repairs;   
  36. assist in negotiating any Buyer requested repairs;
  37. coordinate Buyer's Final Walk-Through Inspection Prior to Close of Escrow;     
  38. coordinate Escrow Closing Details;      
  39. and add your sold photo to Our References

Sellers Opting-In to MLS and paying an additional MLS Selling Broker's commission of 2%* to 2.25%* fee  get the use of a Lockbox for easy showing access and added exposure to 6,000+ REALTORS®  ,        Zillow®,     Trulia®,      REALTOR.com®,   Hotpads.com®    and   Homes.com®.



This Seller Saved Thousands of Dollars vs. the 6%*  fee, you can save too!

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial transactions most consumers will ever make and this is why our company strives to drive down commission costs and encourage more choices for consumers.    


This Seller Saved Thousands of Dollars vs. the 6%* fee, you can save too!

To obtain a free  Comparative  Market Analysis (CMA) simply scroll down to the bottom of this page on your PC or Laptop and fill out the "Looking to Sell" information (does not appear on smart phones).       We will send you color photos of similar homes in your area,   a map of your comps and an easy to read Report highlighting price per square foot, days on the market, lot size, list price and final sold price.    

We provide a fast and easy reference for Sacramento County Active Listing Inventory, Pending Sale and Closed Escrow numbers.

This Seller Saved Thousands of Dollars vs. the 6%* fee, you can save too!

We will go the extra mile and utilize unprecedented local market knowledge to ensure that your next home transaction is a happy, stress-free buying or selling experience.      Our Sellers are so appreciative of their listing pro agent's unparalleled customer service before and during escrow that they give us their Personal Reference for all to see.

This Seller Saved Thousands of Dollars vs. the 6%* fee, you can save too!

This Seller Saved Thousands of Dollars vs. the 6%* fee, you can save too!

Our 1%* Full Service comes with 28+ years of membership in the Sacramento Association of REALTORS? experience.      Our listing pros have the expertise and record of success  needed to sell your home for  Top Dollar, in the Least Amount of Time and with the Least Amount of Inconvenience to your family all while Maximizing your Cash to Seller Proceeds with FULL SERVICE.     We love making the dream of owning a home become a reality.

This Seller Saved Thousands of Dollars vs. the 6%* fee, you can save too!

We harness the power of today's digital age to provide our clients with a proven, comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy via:

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your home's listing in front of today's prospective Buyers;

2) Front-End Web Design to allow today's Buyers effortless use/navigating;

3) Listing Syndication to increase your home's exposure across the internet;

4) Web Traffic Analysis including: visitor traffic, agent hits, client hits and actual date & time of lockbox showings.

Technology makes selling homes far less time consuming and far less costly for us and we pass those savings on to the Sellers via our 1%* Full Service listing fee.

The Listing Broker (Managing Broker:Doug Bautista)  will continue to promote fair competition preventing monopolies via our 1%* Full Service fee for the benefit of all consumers as lower commissions allow homeowners to keep more of their hard earned equity.   

Areas we service include
:      Anatolia,     Antelope,    Arden-Arcade,     Carmichael,      Citrus Heights,      El Dorado Hills,      Elk Grove,    Fair Oaks,      Folsom,    Gateway West,     Gold River,     Granite Bay,     La Riviera,      Laguna West-Lakeside,    Lincoln,     Loomis,     Mather,      Natomas Crossing,    North Natomas,      Orangevale,      Plumas Lake,     Pocket-Greenhaven,      Rancho Cordova,      Rocklin,      Rosemont,      Roseville,     Sacramento,       South Natomas,       Sundance Lake,     Vineyard,     Villages of Zinfandel,     West Sacramento.

How many Buyers find the home they purchased via an old-fashioned Newspaper Ad or an old-fashioned Open House sign?       Do most Buyers these days use the Internet to find the home they purchased or do they use an Agent?     Our 1%* Full Service fee agents know How Buyers Find the Homes they Purchased.   

Semper Fi!




This Seller Saved Thousands of Dollars vs. the 6%* Commission

We look forward to talking with you soon, as we feel that  aggressive competition among licensed real estate agents in an unfettered open marketplace gives consumers greater innovation (like our Full Service for less Opt-Out or Opt-In to the MLS program) and lower commission costs (like our 1%* fee, subject to minimum list price and minimum fee limitations*).      We can continue our 25+ years of saving consumers thousands of dollars in commissions with our innovative business model as long as there are no rules or regulations passed or interpreted meant to restrain competition among brokers which would suppress our technological innovation and reduce competition on price and quality resulting in consumer injury by higher costs to sell a home.


Managing Listing Broker:
Doug Bautista



CalDRE# 01031256

Semper Fi!

Fair Housing And Equal Opportunity

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This Seller Saved Thousands of Dollars vs. the Overpriced 6% Commission, you can save too!

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